Your Connection To Quality 

Specialised in flowers from all over the world to all over the world



DG Flor B.V. is specialised in Airfreight. Whether it is importing flowers from Kenya, South-America and much more to ship them to the desired designation or pack your order from Dutch growers, we can offer you the full package.

We arrange that all the flowers are packed with the utmost care to ensure they will get through the flight. Opening a box received from DG Flor should always bring a smile on your face!

Your Connection To Quality!

For us this is not just a hollow phrase. It is exactly what DG Flor B.V. stand for. We offer you the Top Growers with Top Quality to deliver you the flowers that will put a smile on your face!

As a top florist or wholesaler DG Flor B.V. is the go-to company for you. With our worldwide connections to all the top farms we are able to get you just that something special you need for a wedding or big event on top of your regular flowers. Feel free to contact us through thecontact form or with the contact details found on the bottom of the page!

Worldwide but customized!

Colombia,Ecuador, Kenya, Israël, Italy and ofcourse the Netherlands are just a few of the countries we can supply you from. Direct lines from start to finish with the opportunity to buy smaller amounts and where you decide what the inside of your box will look like.

We do understand that you cannot use 400 stems of 1 variety of roses. DG Flor offers you the option to fill your own box with only the varieties you want! Giving you the option to make a beautiful selection to fill your shop.


DG Flor B.V. stands for high customer service. Because we are a young, fresh company we can offer you as customer a lot of flexibility. With DG Flor you always know who you deal with and you can be assured that we will do our absolute best to get you the flowers that you need at the time you need it!