About us

In 2020 Dave Granneman and Thomas Obbens established DG Flor BV.

With extensive knowledge and the experience that Dave and Thomas have gained within the flower industry, it is time to take it a step further, the bar can and must be raised.

quality, service and speed are the main priorities of DG Flor.


By working with regular suppliers and producers who guarantee the best quality, you will not only find top quality products at DG Flor, but continuity.

Due to the experience within DG Flor, there have connections with top growers in more than 20 countries worldwide!


DG Flor also goes that step further in the field of service. Put together your own mix of varieties from your favorite grower anywhere in the world. Combine several growers per consignment and receive a tailor-made assortment.


The relationship with reliable growers in the Netherlands and abroad allows us to work quickly and efficiently within DG Flor. Direct lines from the country of origin to the country of destination shorten the travel time and improve the vase life of the product.